Order of the Leader (Nishan-i-Sadari), I Class Grand Cordon (Sardar-i-A'ala)

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  • Order of the Leader (Nishan-i-Sadari),  I Class Grand Cordon (Sardar-i-A'ala) Obverse
  • Order of the Leader (Nishan-i-Sadari),  I Class Grand Cordon (Sardar-i-A'ala) Obverse and Reverse
  • Order of the Leader (Nishan-i-Sadari),  I Class Grand Cordon (Sardar-i-A'ala) Rim


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    Due to uncertainty and complexity surrounding Afghanistan awards, there may be additional versions, classes, or types associated with the Order of the Leader (Nishan-i-Sadari). More research is necessary.


The Order of the Leader (Nishan-i-Sadari) was established by King Amanullah Khan around 1923. The Order is awarded in recognition of exceptional military merit or other exceptional service provided to the ruler or the Nation. The Order was made obsolete in 1929 but was later revived by King Muhammad Zahir Shah. It is believed that the Order was conferred in 2 Classes, however, other sources posit that the Order consisted of 5 Classes. Subsequent research is necessary to confirm. The Order was again discontinued in 1973.

In addition to the 2 Classes, a Superior Class with diamonds may also exist. More information is needed.

The Grand Cordon is worn from a Sash and is presented with a Breast Star as the I Class award.

There are multiple versions of the Grand Cordon which are expected to vary by design, composition, and size. However, due to uncertainty and vagueness surrounding the background, production, and structure of the Order, the different versions are not featured here. The different versions may vary according to time period or monarch.

Recipients of the I Class are entitled to use the title "Sardar-i-A'ala" before their name and also receive land grants.

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