Order of the Supreme Sun (Nishan-i-Almar), Type I, I Class Collar

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    Due to the uncertainty and the complexity surrounding the structure and background of the Order of the Supreme Sun (Nishan-i-Almar), some information may be missing or incorrect. For instance, the number of Classes and membership conditions of each Class during different time periods is uncertain. Additional research is necessary.


The Order of the Supreme Sun (Nishan-i-Almar) was originally instituted in 1897 by Amir Abdu'r Rahman. The Order is conferred as a personal gift of the sovereign in recognition of outstanding civil or military merit.

The Order has gone through numerous modifications and reformations over its lifespan. The award was first reorganized by King Habibu' llah Shah in 1901, and then again in 1923 by King Amanu'llah. It is believed that the Order was modified again in 1960 by King Muhammad Zahir Shah, and once more in 1977. While the structure and background of the Order remain uncertain, it is thought that the Order was initially conferred in 2 Classes until 1923 and in 6 Classes after 1923. It is also believed that the Order was reconstituted into a single class in 1977. However, more research is necessary to confirm.

The Collar is worn with a Breast Star and Sash Badge as the I Class.

There are multiple versions of the Order which vary by design, size, and composition according to the period of institution.

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