Order of the Republic, Type I, Commander

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  • Order of the Republic, Type I, Commander
  • Order of the Republic, Type I, Commander
  • Order of the Republic, Type I, Commander Reverse


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    It is believed that the first eagle design was implemented in 1972, however other sources place the institution date earlier to 1958. There are also slight variations in the design of the eagle, including a design featuring 2 silver stars in the centre white stripe of Republic of Egypt shield superimposed onto the eagle. The dates of the different Eagle or Hawk designs of the Order are uncertain. Due to this complexity and the uncertainty surrounding the institution dates, all of the Eagle and Hawk designs are displayed under the second version. More research is necessary.


The Order of the Republic was instituted by governmental law in 1953 in commemoration of the reestablishment of the Republic of Egypt. The Order is conferred upon Egyptian citizens as well as foreigners in recognition of valuable services rendered to Egyptian and foreign blood princes and heads of government. Demonstrations of outstanding civil or military merit also qualify for the award of the Order. The Order is awarded in 5 classes plus a Collar. The class is dependent on the service recognized and the recipient’s status. The Military Order of the Republic is modelled after the Order of the Republic. The Order is also believed to have 2 associated Medals: the I and II Class of the Military Medal of the Republic.

The Commander is presented as the III Class award of the Order and is worn from a neck ribbon.

The Commander features an obverse Arabic inscription which translates to “Republic.”

There are multiple versions of the Commander which vary by design and suspension. Early versions feature a depiction of a lily suspension surmounting the medallion while later versions instituted after 1972 feature an Egyptian Eagle or Hawk suspension.

There may be additional versions of the Commander not featured here.


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    57 x 78mm

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    Z. Fuchs

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    Type I is with the Lily suspension.

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