Gratitude for Cultural Achievement (Sepa Farhangi) Decoration, II Class

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  • Gratitude for Cultural Achievement (Sepa Farhangi) Decoration, II Class


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The Gratitude for Cultural Achievement (Sepa Farhangi) Decoration was instituted during the Pahlavi era. The Decoration was awarded in 3 Classes to recognize employees of the Ministry of Culture, or personnel of other cultural, learning, and government organizations, for significant contributions to Iranian civilisation or culture. Personnel who have provided resources which have advanced the cultural process of the nation, as well as foreigners who have significantly contributed to either the advancement of Iranian culture or human cultural achievement, were also eligible for the award. Qualifying service includes, but is not limited to, the private publication of original works or translations of scientific and education literature, philanthropic acts (such as the development of schools and libraries), contributions to the establishment of adult educational centres, altruistic services which are not motivated by financial gain (such as the repair of historic sites, endowments to support students, and the establishment of sporting arenas and charities), and the establishment of collections of Iranian art and artifacts which are displayed in international exhibitions.

In addition to the above qualifications, the II Class Decoration may also have been awarded to officers of the Ministry of Culture with good standing who have provided 10 years of faithful service after qualifying for the award of the III Class Decoration, or, alternatively, have provided 20 years of faithful service.

The II Class Decoration features a silver ribbon attachment disk which depicts the Iranian lion and sun motif.

Recipients of the award were entitled to attend official cultural events and celebrations and also received preferential employment and advancement opportunities when parity exists between candidates.

Multiple ribbon patterns worn with the Decoration are known to exist.

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