Most Sacred Order of the Lion and the Sun, II Class (Nishan-i-Qods)

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The Most Sacred Order of the Lion and Sun was established by Nasser-ud-Din Shah in 1861. The Order is associated with the Order of the Lion and Sun and was created to honour European monarchs with a prestigious award following the decline in the reputation of the Order of the Lion and Sun, as well as to reward senior officials who were not eligible to receive the Decoration of the Imperial Portrait. The Most Sacred Order of the Lion and Sun was awarded in 3 Classes in recognition of meritorious actions of the highest importance and other services deserving of the highest praise of the sovereign. The Order was made obsolete following the dissolution of the Qajar dynasty in 1925.

The II Class (Nishan-i-Qods) is also known as the Very Sacred Class and was presented to important ambassadors, dignitaries, and other distinguished servants of the state. The II Class was awarded in recognition of exceptional service in functions equivalent to those of great ministers of state, diplomats, or great commanders of the army.

The II Class Decoration is smaller in size than I Class Decorations, is of simpler design and features a less elaborate surmounting crown.

Persian recipients of the II Class are authorized to use the formal title "Sardar-i-Quds."

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