Police Order (Nishan-i-Pas), Grand Master Class

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    March 22, 1947


The Police Order (Nishan-i-Pas), may also be known as the Order of Police Gratitude and was founded by HIM Muhammad Reza Shah on March 22, 1947. The Order was awarded in 3 Classes to officers of the police force in recognition of distinguished or meritorious service. The Order may also be awarded to civilians who have provided outstanding assistance to the police force. The Order is also believed to have 3 associated Medals to reward other ranks of the police. The Shahanshah is the Grand Master and patron of the award. The Order was abolished following the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

The Grand Master Class was presented as the highest class award. The Grand Master Class is composed of gilt and gold and features a gold leaf authorized for wear on the ribbon.

The reverse features a Persian inscription of the name of the award, the class and the date of the award's institution (1325 HS or 1946 AD).

The reverse enamelling colouring may be different for each Class of the decoration, but more information is needed. It is thought that the Grand Master Class features light blue enamel.

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