Order of Sepah, III Class

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    The Order may have been instituted on May 12 or April 19, 1924. There may be an additional Bronze Medal associated with the Order to reward ranks below Officers, but more research is needed.


The Order of Sepah (Nishan-i-Sipah) was founded by Ahmad Shah Qajar at the recommendation of Reza Kahn in 1924. The Order was issued in 6 Classes; the first 3 are Decorations while the later are regarded as Medals. It is believed that the Order began as the Sardar-Sepah Commemorative Medal which marked Reza Khan's rise to power in 1921, and was later reformed as the Order of Sepah following the overthrow of the Qajar dynasty. The Order was awarded as Iran's second highest honour for military service and recognized Officers and other ranks for demonstrations of gallantry in action or courage and acts of exceptional bravery performed in internal conflicts. Personnel who were wounded or were killed while in action were also eligible for the award. Upon the Islamic Revolution in 1979, the Order was dissolved.

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