Order of the Lion and Sun, Type I, Collar

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  • Order of the Lion and Sun, Type I, Collar


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    Regulations and criteria surrounding the award of the Order of the Sun and Lion is highly uncertain. While it is known that there are 2 distinct versions of the medallion design, it is uncertain if the I Type Collar features multiple designs. More research is necessary.


The Order of the Lion and Sun was originally instituted by Fath-Ali Shah Qajar, the second Qajar emperor of Iran, in 1808. The Order was conferred upon senior government officers and foreigners in recognition of admirable and distinguished service provided to the State. In 1939, Reza Shah Pahlavi replaced the Order with the Order of Homayoun (Order of August).

Since its institution, the Order has undergone numerous organizational changes. The Type I Order was presented in a single grade from 1808 to 1834. Due to its complexity and changes over time, the regulations of the award of the Order is uncertain.

There may be additional versions of the Collar which vary by composition and design. However, more research is needed.

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    Oval frames - 61mm; Crossed bows/Quiver links - 73mm

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