Supreme Order of the Renaissance (Wisam Al Ordani Al Nahda), Silver Medal

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    Bichay, Cairo; Garrards & Co. Ltd, Birmingham


The Order of the Renaissance (Wisam Al Ordani Al Nahda) was established by the Sharif of Mecca (later the King of Hejaz), Hussein bin Ali, by Decree in 1916 or 1917. The Order was created as a Hejaz award and was originally conferred in commemoration of the revolt of the Hejaz against the Turks in the 1916 war of liberation. Personnel who served in the revolt which rid the region of Turkish domination were eligible for the award of the Order. Following the fall of the Hejaz Kingdom and its incorporation into Saudi Arabia in 1925, the Order became a Trans-Jordanian award and was modified and headed by King Hussein's son, King Emir Abdullah. The Order was renamed the "Supreme Order of the Renaissance" and was modified to recognize native Jordanians as well as foreigners for outstanding or meritorious civil and military service to the nation. The Order is presented in 5 Classes, plus a Special Class, and has an associated Medal.

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    Bichay, Cairo; Garrards & Co. Ltd, Birmingham

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