Honourable Order of Oman, Civil Division, Special Class Collar

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  • Honourable Order of Oman, Civil Division, Special Class Collar


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The Order of Oman (Wisam Al-Oman) was instituted following Sultan Qaboo's accession to the throne on July 23, 1970. The Order was originally conferred in 5 Classes to both civil and military personnel, however, the Order was amended in 1982 and the Honourable Order of Oman (Wisam Al-Sharif Al-Oman) was added as a Special Class.

The Honourable Order of Oman was created for Sultan Qaboo's visit to the United Kingdom. It is uncertain if the Special Class is currently awarded.

The Special Class Collar is issued along with a Breast Star and Sash Badge. It is composed of 26 links of alternate rings and lozenge centred quatrefoils.

It is uncertain if there are multiple versions of the Special Class Collar to distinguish civil and military awards. More research is necessary.

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    The collar weighs 303 grams.

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