Great Badr, Collar

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  • Collar Obverse


  • country
    Saudi Arabia
  • date of institution
    March 20, 1971
  • makers
    Bichay, Cairo


The Great Badr Collar was established by King Faisal bin Abdulaziz by Decisions number 122 and 123 of the Council of Ministers on March 20, 1971.

The Collar is named after the Battle of Badr (a small town near the Holy City of Medina), which was fought between the Muslims and Meccans in 624 AD and resulted in the first military victory of the Prophet Muhammad.

The Collar is conferred upon Muslim heads of state as well as other sovereigns, personnel of royal blood, and princes who profess Islam, as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's highest honour.

The Great Badr Collar may be an early version of the Order of Abdullah Al Saud (see SAU102).

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    Bichay, Cairo

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