Order of Omayyad (Ummayad), II Class Grand Officer Breast Star

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The Order of Omayyad, or Order of Ummayad, was instituted by the President of the Syrian Arab Republic Prime Minister and Minister of Interior by Legislative Decree No. 40 on July 12, 1934. The Order was created as Syria's highest knighthood honour and is named after the Umayyad Caliphate dynasty which ruled Syria from 671 AD to 750 AD. The Order is conferred in 3 Classes to Syrian civil and military personnel in recognition of outstanding service provided to the state. Foreigners may also be eligible for the award.

The Grand Officer Breast Star is presented with the Grand Officer Badge as the second highest Class of the Order.

The Grand Officer features an Arabic inscription on the obverse which translates to "Order of the Omayyad."

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