Sell on MedalMarket

Sell on MedalMarket!

Selling your items on MedalMarket is simple and FREE. 

You can post items for sale through the "My MedalMarket Listings" in your account, or from the item page in our database. Provide your own images, description and price. Potential buyers will message you or comment. Be sure to keep an eye on your messages, found your account or the footer!

Connecting your item to a related product in our database not only validates your item, but it also allows potential buyers to learn about the history of the item, compare prices, and see other images. 

Transactions and shipping are organized between the seller and buyer. 

Not sure if your item is real, or even what it is? Post it in one of our Forums and allow the MedalBook community to help. 

Don't forget, MedalMarket is completely free! It's the best platform to sell your militaria - we may even promote your item on our instagram: @medalbook_inc

Happy Listing! 

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