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  • Miniature Medal Obverse and Reverse

Estimated market value:

$130-280 USD


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    This version is composed of bronze. Picture courtesy of


The Winners of Corrientes Medal 1865 (Medalla para los Vencedores de Corrientes) was instituted by the Argentinian Congress in Buenos Aires on August 19, 1865. It was awarded to General Wenceslao Paunero and the Argentine and Brazilian troops under his command, who advanced up the Paraná River and reoccupied Corrientes after a Paraguayan invasion.

The composition of this Medal denotes the rank of the recipient; the Gold Medal was awarded to Chiefs, the Silver Medal was awarded to Officers and the Bronze and Copper Medals to enlisted men.

The Medal features an obverse inscription that can be translated to "The Republic of Argentina to the Winners of Corrientes ," and a reverse inscription that translates to “May 25, 1865.”


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