Order of the Liberator San Martin, Grand Officer Breast Star


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  • Grand Officer Breast Star Obverse

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    The Grand Officer Breast Star image is attributed to Borodun at Wikipedia and has been released into the public domain by the source. It was found at Wikipedia. See the following page for more information: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Order_of_the_Liberator_General_San_Martin_grand_cross_star_2nd_model_(Argentina)_-_Tallinn_Museum_of_Orders.jpg


The Order of the Liberator San Martin (Orden del Libertador San Martín) was instituted by the Executive on August 17, 1943, right after the Revolution of '43. It was reorganized on May 21, 1948, and later it was repealed and re-instituted on December 17, 1957. The current regulations were approved on December 18, 1967.

The Order is Argentina's highest order and the only one that has the Collar grade. It is conferred exclusively upon foreign government officials and military personnel who honorably served Argentina while performing their duties. It consists of six grades, e.i., Collar, Grand Cross, Grand Officer, Commander, Officer, and Knight.

The Order was named in honor of General San Martin who was the greatest revolutionary hero in the Argentine War of Independence (1810-1820).

The Order's motto is featured on the obverse and translates to "Liberator San Martin."

The Grand Officer Breast Star is conferred upon Members of Legislative Assemblies, Counselors, Vice-Admiral, Major Generals, Major Brigadiers and civil servants of similar rank.

The Grand Officer Breast Star has conferred to Miguel Ángel Fernández-Palacios Spanish Diplomat; Raúl Torrealba Chilean politician and; Alberto Undurraga Chilean politician, among others.


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