Order of Jose Miguel Lanza, Commander


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  • Order of Jose Miguel Lanza, Commander
  • Order of Jose Miguel Lanza, Commander
  • Order of Jose Miguel Lanza, Commander Reverse

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(Orden de José Miguel Lanza). Instituted 1965. 1965-present issue. In bronze gilt, an enameled green and red Maltese Cross with double concave ends, encircled by gilded crossed sword and lance with parallel three wreaths in each quadrant, obverse bearing the bust of the national hero Jose Miguel Lanza on a silver field, surrounded by the inscription GUERRILLERO JOSE MIGUEL LANZA, reverse engraved by EJERCITO NACIONAL COMENDADOR BOLIVIA (National Army, Commander, Bolivia), measuring 61.14 mm (w) x 65.36 mm (h - inclusive of integral ring), suspended by a original neck ribbon with clasp hasp, light contact, near to mint.


The Order of José Miguel Lanza was instituted by the government of Bolivia on July 21, 1965 and it was regulated by decree on May 22, 1968.

The Order is currently awarded to Bolivian and foreign military personnel, and citizens, in recognition of meritorious service rendered to the Bolivian Army and the nation during the performance of their functions.

The Order consists of four grades according with the rank of the recipient: Grand Cross, Grand Officer, Commander, and Knight.

José Miguel Lanza was one of the most important guerrilla fighter during the Bolivian War of Independence. He participated at important battles, such as Ayohuma, Tucumán, Salta and Charcas, among others. He died in combat in 1828.

The Order features an obverse inscription that translates to "José Miguel Lanza Guerrilla Fighter," and a reverse inscription that translates to "National Army Force Bolivia Commander."

There may be variations which consist of an obverse inscription that reads "PROCER DE LA LIBERTAD GRAL DIV JOSE MIGUEL LANZA" (Hero for the Freedom General José Miguel Lanza.) This information is not confirmed.


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