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The Order of Andres Bello was established in Venezuela on October 15, 1965 as a replacement for the Medal of Public Instruction founded in 1870. Since its institution, it has been the third highest official award in the country, and it has been awarded exclusively to Venezuelans citizens for meritorious services to the country in the fields of education, literature, scientific research, cultural development, and the arts.

The Order consists of a Collar, Grand Cross, Commander, and Knight. These grades are also known as, I Class or Honor Cordon, II Class or Corbata (Necktie), and III Class or Medal.

The Collar of the Order is only worn by the President of Venezuela, who is the Head of the Order.

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The Order was named after Andres Bello (1781-1865) who has been perhaps the most recognized Venezuelan intellectual. He became a humanist, poet, legislator, philosopher and educator. He was closely related with the Chilean government where he created the University of Chile and wrote the first Spanish grammar for Hispanic Americans.


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