Most Distinguished Order of the Nation, Grand Cross Breast Star


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  • Grand Cross Breast Star Obverse

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    Antigua and Barbuda
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The Most Distinguished Order of the Nation was established on February 27, 1987, and subsequently reinstituted on December 31, 1998, by the Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda via Royal Assent from the Governor General. The award is an order of chivalry presented to citizens for distinguished and outstanding service to the country, region, or international community.

The original Order had one grade with the post-nominal of “ON” and was the highest award of the honours system, recognizing heroic service to Antigua and Barbuda. After the Order was repealed and re-established, the award criteria changed to distinguished and outstanding service to Antigua and Barbuda. It is composed of the Grand Master and six classes of members, listed in order of precedence: Knight Grand Collar and Dame Grand Collar, Knight Grand Cross or Dame Grand Cross, Knight Commander or Dame Commander, Commander, Officer, and Member. The Grand Collar, Officers, and Members Orders may have been discontinued. Further research is required. Foreign citizens may be admitted into the Order on an honourary basis and posthumous appointments may be made, although, the name of the deceased does get included on a current members list. Membership appointments are announced annually on Antigua and Barbuda’s Independence Day

Grand Collar, Grand Cross, and Commanders of the Order, both male and female recipients, may use the terms “Sir” or “Dame” respectively.


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