Air Force Astronaut Senior Wings (Type II)


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  • Senior Wings Obverse
  • Senior Wings Reverse

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  • Country
    United States
  • Composition
    Silvered Metal
  • Size
  • Version Remarks
    The reverse is stamped "KREW."


The NASA Astronaut Badge is awarded by each of the United State's military branches to pilots, naval flight officers, navigators/combat systems officers, flight surgeons, and civilian pilots to denote the completion of training and qualifications and the successful performance of spaceflight. The Wings were initially awarded to personnel upon the participation in a spaceflight that reaches 100 kilometres above Earth. In 1960, the Wings were authorized for wear by military and civilian pilots who flew aircraft over 80 kilometres. Currently, the Wings may also be worn by any NASA astronaut selected for the Space Program. The NASA Air Force Astronaut Badge is issued by the United States Air Force as a qualifier for Air Force ratings. The Wings are awarded by the Air Force Cheif of Staff to Officers and enlisted men upon the completion of an operational space mission. The NASA Air Force Astronaut Badge is issued in 3 grades.

The Senior Wings are issued as the 2nd grade.


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