Bronze Medal (for Naval Reserve)


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  • Bronze Medal (for Naval Reserve) Obverse
  • Bronze Medal (for Naval Reserve) Reverse

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    The Bronze Medal (for Naval Reserve) images feature a reverse mounted Medal.


The Armed Forces Reserve Medal was established by President Harry S. Truman by Executive Order on September 25, 1950. The Bronze Medal was initially awarded to any Officer or enlisted personnel of the reserve components of the United States Armed Forces upon the completion of 10 years consecutive, or 12 years aggregate, efficient and meritorious service. In 1996, the award was extended to reservists who were mobilized for active service, regardless of time served.

When the Medal is awarded for periods of service, it is awarded with an hourglass emblem worn on the ribbon. The first award made in recognition of time served is issued with a bronze hourglass. Additional periods of 10 years of service are denoted by silver (20 years), gold (30 years), or bronze and gold (40 years) hourglass emblems. However, excluding the award for 40 years of service, only 1 hourglass device may be worn at a time; as the device may be upgraded to a higher award. If the Medal is awarded in connection with mobilization, then a bronze "M" device is issued for wear with the ribbon. Subsequent mobilizations are denoted by bronze Arabic numerals worn to the left of the "M" emblem. If both the hourglass and "M" devices are awarded, then the hourglass emblem is worn to the right of the "M" device.

The Medal features a distinct reverse design for each of the 6 Armed Forces Reserve components.


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