Silver Star (Numbered)


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  • Silver Star (Numbered) Obverse
  • Silver Star (Numbered) 7 o'clock arm

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    United States
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    Bronze Gilt
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    The rank, regiment and actions of the recipient will influence the value of the decoration. Officially engraved examples command higher prices.


The Silver Star was established by the Secretary of War on July 16, 1932, as a successor award to the Citation Star and as the third highest decoration for combat bravery. The Citation Star was instituted by President Woodrow Wilson on July 9, 1918. The Citation Star was a small emblem privately affixed to the ribbon of the campaign medal for which the recipient was cited for gallantry in action. It was retroactively awarded back to the Spanish-American War. To be awarded the Silver Star, the recipient must present a copy of the orders that made them eligible for the Citation Star.

The Silver Star is awarded to members of the Armed Forces in recognition of gallantry performed with marked distinction, but which does not merit the award of a higher decoration. Acts of gallantry performed in action against an enemy of the state, in military operations involving conflict with a foreign force, or while serving with an allied force engaged in armed conflict against an opposing force in which the United States is not a hostile party, are eligible for the award. The Silver Star was also retroactively awarded, but most retroactive awards were made to veterans of the First World War. In 1942, the award criteria of the Silver Star was expanded to include civilians serving with the Armed Forces and Navy personnel. Holders of AEF Gallantry Citation Certificates, Meritorious Service Certificates, and other foreigners may also be eligible for the award. It is estimated that between 100,000 and 150,000 Silvers Stars have been awarded since the award's institution.

Posthumous awards of the Silver Star may be made.

A bronze oak leaf clasp was worn on the ribbon to denote subsequent Army or Air Force awards, and a silver oak leaf clasp was worn to denote a 6th Army or Air Force award. A gold star was worn on the ribbon to denote additional awards of the Navy, while a silver star was worn to denote a 6th Army or Air Force award.


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