Order of the Double Dragon, Type I, I Class, II Grade (with ruby)


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  • I Class, II Grade

Estimated market value:

$22100+ USD


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    Silver Gilt/Ruby/Enamelled
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    The image of the Order of the Double Dragon, Type I, I Class, II Grade (with ruby) is a scanned image from the Book "Handbuch der Ritter- und Verdienstorden aller Kulturstaaten der Welt" edited by Maximillian Gritzner. The book was published in 1893. It is in the public domain in countries where the copyright is the author's life plus 70 years.


This Order was instituted by Emperor Kuangsi in recognition of exceptional service to the throne and the Qing court. Originally, it was only awarded to foreigners, but in 1908 it was expanded to include Chinese citizens as well.

The I Class, II Grade was conferred upon Princes and members of the Royal Family.

The Republic of China replaced the Imperial Orders following its establishment in 1912.

The obverse central Manchu inscriptions translate to "Great", "Great Qing", "Empire" or "Country", and "First Class, First Grade". The other characters translate to "Double", "Dragon", "Precious", and "Star".


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