Medal for the Patriotic War

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  • Medal for the Patriotic War Obverse
  • Medal for the Patriotic War Reverse


  • country
    Bulgaria (Socialist)
  • date of institution
    September 9, 1945
  • remarks
    The medals with an original posthumous ribbon may have a higher value.


This medal was conferred upon all members of the Bulgarian Army, or allied forces, for service between September 9, 1944-May 9, 1945 against fascism in World War II.

The medal was also awarded posthumously. In those instances, the medal’s ribbon had a black stripe added through the centre of the ribbon.

The design of the medal was created by Onik Odabashyan, and it was struck in Kazanlak.

The medal was originally known as the Medal for Participation in the Patriotic War of 1944-1945, but it was changed in 1950 to the Medal for the Patriotic War of 1944-1945. It was discontinued on March 29, 1991.

The reverse inscription translates to “The Patriotic War 1944-1945.”


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    $25+ USD

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    Silvered Bronze

  • Inscription

    Rev: ОТЕЧЕСТВЕННА ВОЙНА 1944-1945

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    The medal may also be composed of White Metal.

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