Order of St. Alexander, Type III, Civil Division, II Class Breast Star

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  • Order of St. Alexander, Type III, II Class Breast Star Obverse
  • Order of St. Alexander, Type III, II Class Breast Star Reverse


  • country
    Bulgaria (Kingdom)
  • date of institution
    December 21, 1881
  • makers
    Scheid, Austria


This Order was founded by Prince Alexander I of Bulgaria, and he named it to honour St. Alexander Nevsky.

The Order was awarded by the Bulgarian sovereign to Bulgarians and foreign citizens in recognition of loyal service within civil and military spheres that benefited Bulgaria and the Monarch.

In 1886 crossed swords were added to the Order awards to reward wartime merit, and courageous acts rendered in peacetime. The crossed swords for wartime merit were added through the centre of the cross, while the swords for peacetime courage were added to the surmounting suspension ring.

In 1888 an official Decree was passed which added the IV Class silver cross, the Grand Master’s Collar, and the Lesser Collar. This Decree also amended the upper classes, allowing the Monarch to confer them with diamonds as a sign of his favour and to recognize special merit.

The Order was discontinued on June 15, 1948.

The obverse features inscriptions which translate to "God with Us", and in the centre of the medallion “St. Alexander”.

The reverse features an inscription which translates to "18 February 1878".

Type III occurred during the Regents' Rule, wherein the lions on the obverse of the I Class Breast Star and III Class had their crowns removed, and the surmounting crown was replaced with a wreath.

The II Class Breast Star is also known as the Grand Officer Breast Star.

The II Class Breast Star was awarded to high ranking personnel within the clergy and military, important political individuals, and foreign heads of state.


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    Scheid, Austria

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