Medal for Outstanding Acts


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    Anagnostopoulos, Athens; Huguenin, Le Locle; Kelaidis, Athens
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  • Inscription
    Obv: ΑΜΥΝ ΠΑΤΡΗΣ ΕΣΘΑΙ ΠΕΡΙ Rev: ΕΛΛΑΣ 1916-1917
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  • Image Licensing
    The image of the Medal for Outstanding Acts are attributed to Medal-Medaille. See the following page for more information:


The Medal for Outstanding Acts was established on November 11, 1940. It was awarded to military personnel and civilians for meritorious actions and loyalty during the Second World War and the Greek Civil War of 1946-1949.

There are three versions of the Bronze Medal. The first version was awarded in 1940 using the existing stock of the Military Medal of Merit with a “1940” ribbon clasp. The second version, instituted in 1950, features a new engraving, with a surmounting royal crown and a new ribbon. The third version was instituted following the fall of the Greek monarchy in 1974, and no longer features any royal emblems. The reverse inscription of this version translates to “Hellenic Republic.”

There may also be additional versions that vary in composition, size, or manufacturer.


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