Miniature III Class Cross

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  • Miniature III Class Cross Obverse
  • Miniature III Class Cross Obverse
  • Miniature III Class Cross Reverse

Estimated market value:

$80 USD


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    This version is composed of silver.


The War Cross (1916-1917) was created by Revolutionary Decree on February 28, 1917, and was officially established by Royal Decree on June 30, 1917. It was awarded to Greek military personnel during the last year of the First World War, the 1920 Ukrainian Campaign, and the Greco-Turkish War of 1919-1922 for acts of bravery during combat.

The grades are distinguished by ribbon clasp. An additional silver star clasp could also be awarded to denote each subsequent act of bravery.

There are multiple versions of the III Class Cross that differ in manufacturer and composition, but all versions feature an obverse inscription that translates to “Win or Die,” and a reverse inscription that translates to “Greece 1916-1917.”


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