Order of Honour, Grand Commander (1977-1980)


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  • Country
  • Makers
    Arthus-Bertrand, Paris
  • Composition
    Silver gilt/Enamelled
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The Order of Honour was established in 1975 shortly after the proclamation of the new Greek Republic. It is conferred upon individuals in recognition of exemplary service to Greece. It may be awarded to senior executives in public administration, influential individuals in the fields of art, literature and science, individuals who have demonstrated excellence in the fields of trade, shipping and industry, or to other Greek citizens for distinguished service to the nation. It may also be conferred upon influential foreigners who have promoted or contributed to the status of Greece in the international community.

There are four versions of the cross of the Order. The first version was awarded from 1975-1977. The obverse features a right-facing portrait of Athena and “E D” (the first letters of the Greek words meaning “Greek Republic”) between the arms of the cross. The second version was awarded from 1977-1980 and was manufactured by the French firm Arthus-Bertrand. The obverse does not have “E D” between the arms of the cross, and the reverse medallion has an inscription that translates to “Greek Republic.” The third version was awarded from 1980-1984 and features a left-facing portrait of Athena on the obverse.

The fourth version has been awarded since 1984 and is manufactured by the Swiss firm Huguenin Medailleurs. This version is similar to the second version, except for the obverse medallion, which bears an inscription that translates to “The Worthy Only Honoured,” and the reverse medallion, which bears an inscription that translates to “Greek Republic – 1975.” It is the only version that does not feature a surmounting laurel wreath.

The Grand Commander is identical to the Commander, however, only the Grand Commander is worn with a Breast Star.


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