Royal Order of George I, Civil Division, Commander


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  • Royal Order of George I, Civil Division, Commander Obverse
  • Royal Order of George I, Civil Division, Commander Obverse
  • Royal Order of George I, Civil Division, Commander Reverse

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$325+ USD


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  • Makers
    Kelaidis, Athens; Huguenin, Le Locle; Rudolf Souval, Vienna; Spink & Son Ltd., London
  • Composition
    Silver gilt/Enamelled
  • Inscription
    Obv: ΙΣΧΥΣ ΜΟΥΗ ΑΓΑΠΗ ΤΟΥ ΛΑΟΥ Rev: 1863 1915 1913
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Physical Description and Item Details

A Greek Order of King George I; 3rd Class - Neck Badge in silver gilt and enamels, hinged crown, unmarked, 46.5x79.5mm, on full length original neck ribbon, partial gilt wear on reverse, extremely fine. Footnote: The award was created in 1916 for those that distinguished themselves in the field of public administration, science, arts and letters and military valour.


The Order was created by King Constantine I on January 16, 1915 to honour the memory of his father, King George I.

The Order was conferred upon Officers and state officials for distinguished service to the Greek nation.

This Order was initially awarded between 1915-1924, but was suppressed when the Second Hellenic Republic was established in 1924. It was reinstated when the Greek Monarchy was restored in 1935. The Order was permanently suppressed when the Greek Monarchy was abolished in 1973, and was replaced by the Order of Honour in 1975.

The Order has two versions - a Civil Division and a Military Division, which was added in 1921. Awards for the Military Division of the Order feature crossed swords.

Along with the establishment of the Order in 1915, King Constantine I also created a Commemorative Cross of the Royal Order of George the First. This cross was awarded to Non-Commissioned Officers, enlisted men, civil servants, and ordinary citizens. From 1915-1924 the Commemorative Cross had two grades – Silver Cross and Bronze Cross. Beginning in 1926 a Gold Cross was introduced, as well as a Military Division (with crossed swords) for all three grades.

The Grand Commander is identical to the Commander, however only the Grand Commander is worn with a Breast Star.

The obverse inscription translates to “The people’s love is my strength.” The reverse bears the establishment date of the Order as well as the dates of King George’s reign.

There are versions that vary in manufacturer, composition, and size.


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