Order of Saint Stanislaus, I Class Breast Star


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  • Order of Saint Stanislaus, I Class Breast Star

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$7800 USD


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    Silver Paillettes/Silver Wire/Gold Wire/Silver/Silk Thread/Garnets
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Embroidered Breast Star, 1st Model Kingdom of Poland, Silver Wire and Sequins, Monogram with Rubies, Rv. old orig. Paper cover, according to the age in very good condition, very rare I / II


The Order of Saint Stanislaus was established by King Stanisław August Poniatowski in 1765 in honour of Saint Stanislaus, patron saint of Poland. It was awarded in the Kingdom of Poland from 1765-1807, revived by the Duchy of Warsaw in 1809, and then issued anew in 1815 by Tsar Alexander I ruling as King of Poland. It was awarded by the Tsar until 1831 when it was permanently taken over by the Russian Empire.

The Order was conferred in recognition of meritorious service to the Polish crown. Members were originally required to provide proof of at least four quarters of nobility, but after 1815 membership was extended to other civilians and military personnel. The original statutes outline a limit of 100 Knights, although this regulation was never followed by the King. From 1765-1795, 1774 Knights were appointed to the Order.

There are two versions of the I Class Breast Star that differ in composition. Both versions feature initials that stand for "Stanislaus Augustus Rex” (King Stanisław August) surrounded by an additional inscription that translates to “Encourage by Rewarding.”

See also the Order of Saint Stanislaus in the Orders of Imperial Russia (1721-1917).


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