Cross of Merit, I Class (stamped)


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  •  Cross of Merit, I Class Obverse

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    Wiktor Gontarczyk, Warsaw
  • Composition
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    Obv: RP Rev: [SERIAL NUMBER]
  • Size
  • Version Remarks
    It is uncertain when or why this stamped version was discontinued.
  • Image Licensing
    The Cross of Merit, I Class (stamped) image is attributed to the Republic of Poland and is used in the public domain according to Article 4, Case 2 of the Polish Copyright Law Act of February 4, 1994. It was sourced from the Act published on June 23, 1923. See the following page for more information:


The Cross of Merit was established by the Council of Ministers in 1923. It was renewed and modified by the Government of the Republic of Poland in exile during the Second World War and later by the Polish People’s Republic. It was officially re-instituted in the Third Polish Republic in 1992.

It is awarded to Polish civilians and military personnel as well as foreigners for exceptional service to the nation. The Cross (with swords) was added by the Government of the Republic of Poland in exile in 1942 to recognise civilians and military personnel for outstanding contributions to the nation during times of war. This version was not awarded by the Polish People’s Republic, but it is currently awarded by the Republic of Poland.

The earliest crosses from this period are stamped on the reverse with a serial number.

The I Class Cross features obverse initials that stand for “Rzeczpospolita Polska” (Republic of Poland).

There may be additional versions of the I Class Cross that differ in size, composition, and manufacturer.

The other versions are listed in the Medals & Decorations of the Polish People’s Republic (1944-1989) and the Third Polish Republic (1989-).


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