Miniature Bronze Cross (1916-1918)

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  • Miniature Bronze Cross (1916-1918) Obverse and Reverse

Estimated market value:

$60 USD


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    Romania (Kingdom)
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    This version is composed of bronze.


The Commemorative War Cross (1916-1919) was established by King Ferdinand I in 1918. It was awarded to all Romanians who participated in the First World War. It is also known to have been awarded to foreigners, including British military personnel who served in Romania.

The Bronze Cross could be awarded with a number of clasps to denote service in specific campaigns, including:
- "JIU"
- "1916"
- "1917"
- "1918"
- "1919"
The Cross could also be awarded posthumously with a “TRADITIE” (Tradition) clasp. In this case, it was awarded to the eldest son of the deceased.

There are two models of the Bronze Cross. The first has the reverse inscription "1916-1918," and the second has "1916-1919."

There may be additional versions of the Bronze Cross that differ in size, composition, or manufacturer.


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