Miniature Iron Cross

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  • Miniature Iron Cross Obverse and Reverse

Estimated market value:

$335 USD


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    Romania (Kingdom)
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This Cross was established by King Carol I in 1878 in commemoration of the Romanian War of Independence.

It was awarded to Romanian military personnel and civilians for participation in the War. It was also awarded to foreigners, including some Russian military personnel. Civilians wore their cross on a black ribbon edged in red, and military personnel wore their cross on a red ribbon edged in black.

Almost four decades after the creation of the Cross, King Carol II decreed that the Cross could be awarded to relatives of recipients, provided that the two were Officers in the Romanian Armed Forces. In this instance, it could be awarded to the recipient’s eldest son or younger brother with a “TRADITIE” clasp.

The reverse inscription translates to “Crossing the Danube.”


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