Order of the Star of Romania, I Class Decoration (version 1)


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  • Order of the Star of Romania, I Class Decoration (version 1) Obverse

Estimated market value:

$2900+ USD


  • Country
    Romania (Socialist)
  • Makers
    Monetaria Statului, Bucharest
  • Composition
    Silver gilt/Enamelled
  • Inscription
    Obv: 30 DECEMBRIE 1947
  • Size
  • Image Licensing
    Morton & Eden Ltd., Catalogue No. 77, https://www.mortonandeden.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/77.pdf


The Order of the Star of Romania was established in 1948 and remained the highest decoration conferred in Socialist Romania until it was permanently suppressed following the collapse of the communist regime in 1989. It was conferred upon Romanian civilians and military personnel in recognition of merit in a variety of fields including politics, social service, science, and culture.

Recipients of the I Class Decoration were granted a monetary award of 3500 lei (875 USD).

There are five versions of the I Class Decoration. The first two versions are in the form of a five-pointed enamelled star with a five-pointed metal back-plate while all other versions are ten-pointed metal stars. The third version features the letters “RPR” above the centre medallion, but the other versions do not feature letters surmounting the medallion and differ only in the inscription contained within the crest on the medallion.

There may be additional versions of the I Class Decoration that differ in size or composition.


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