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The Order of Tudor Vladimirescu was established in 1966. It was named in honour of Tudor Vladimirescu, the Romanian revolutionary figure and leader of the Wallachian Uprising of 1821. It was conferred upon Romanian civilians and military personnel in recognition of contributions to the establishment of socialism Romania. It could also be awarded to foreigners for maintaining the security of the Socialist Republic and for establishing cooperative international relations, but it was permanently suppressed after the collapse of the Socialist Republic in 1989.

Recipients of the I Class Breast Star were granted a monetary award of 3000 lei (750 USD) and four additional days of paid leave.

There are three versions of the I Class Breast Star. The widely awarded version was composed of silver gilt and brilliants, but there were three I Class Breast Stars that were composed entirely of gold and featured genuine diamonds. These three were awarded to the leader of the Romanian Communist Party, Nicolae Ceausescu, and his wife Elena. There was an additional version for foreigners that was smaller in size.

See also the Medal of Tudor Vladimirescu in the Medals & Decorations of the Romanian People's Republic & Romanian Socialist Republic (1947-1989) for the medal that was created alongside the Order of Tudor Vladimirescu.


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