Title of the Hero of the Romanian Socialist Republic, Gold Star (version 6)


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  • Country
    Romania (Socialist)
  • Makers
    Monetaria Statului, Bucharest
  • Composition
  • Version Remarks
    Approximately 50 Gold Stars of this versions are thought to have been awarded.


The Title of the Hero of the Romanian Socialist Republic was established in the Romanian Socialist Republic and surpassed the Title of the Hero of Socialist Labour as the highest title in Romania. It was conferred upon Romanian civilians and military personnel in recognition of upholding the policies of the Romanian Communist Party and the promotion of socialism as a whole. Titleholders were also awarded the Victory of Socialism Order. The Title was permanently suppressed after the fall of the Socialist Republic in 1989.

There are five known versions of the Gold Star. They vary in composition and stampings. There is an additional version – a prototype – that was manufactured before a final change was made to the official issue. The prototype does not feature any brilliants.


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