Order of the Crescent

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  • Order of the Crescent
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    Ottoman Imperial Mint


This Order was established by Sultan Selim III in 1801 to reward Horatio Nelson following the Battle of the Nile in 1798. The Order was created due to a lack of available decorations that could be conferred upon non-Muslims. It was later conferred upon other members of the British Navy for meritorious victories in the Mediterranean.

There is limited information regarding what form this Order took. There may be two different grades that vary in composition. It is believed that Admiral Nelson's award was an elaborate breast star that featured a star and crescent moon in the centre with radiating diamond rays. It is also known that Nelson wore an embroidered replica badge on all his coats.

The obverse features the cypher of Sultan Selim III.

There may be many later fantasy models of this Order.


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    This example was sold by Beaussant-Lefevre for €23,000 in December 2017.

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