Military Valor Medal, Type III, Copper Medal (1971-)

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    October 2, 1863
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    Since the reform of 1911, all grades may be awarded with two different clasps; when the grade is granted for the basic achievements, the ribbon features a button with the Portuguese coat of arms. When the grade is conceived for heroic deeds in military campaign, the grade is granted with a palm on the ribbon. It is not clear if the clasp alters the market price of the item.


The Military Valor Medal (Medalha de Valor Militar) was established by the Ministry of War of Portugal on October 2, 1863. It was created together with the Military Bons Serviços Medal and the Military Medal for Exemplary Conduct as an effort to foster loyalty and unity among the Portuguese Army. They were created by Military Organic Decree, and since then they have been called all together as "Military Medal" (Medalha Militar).

Originally, the Military Valor Medal consisted of two grades; Gold Medal and Silver Medal. They were exclusively awarded to Portuguese military personnel of the Army or Navy who had displayed, in time of peace or war, heroic acts of bravery with an exceptional capacity to make decision and an imminent risk of life.

The Medal was reformed by the First Republic in 1911 abolishing all royal symbols and creating the Bronze Medal grade. In 1971, the Medal was amended again changing the insignia and adding the Neck decoration.

Currently, it is second only to the Order of the Tower and Sword in precedence. It is awarded to Portuguese military personnel in recognition of acts of bravery and selflessness, and it consists of four grades; Neck Gold Medal, Gold Medal, Silver Medal, and Bronze Medal.

In Medal Book, the Military Valor Medal is classified into types. Type I includes the medals awarded between 1863 and 1910. Type II includes the medals from 1911 to 1970. Type III consists of the crosses awarded since 1971 to present.

There may be additional versions of the Copper Medal that differ in manufacturer, size, or composition.


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