Order of Public Instruction, Medal

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    April 18, 1927
  • makers
    Frederico Da Costa, Lisbon
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    It is uncertain whether the different ribbons will affect the value of the Medal.


The Order of Public Instruction (Ordem da Instrução Pública) was established as the Order of Education and Benevolence in 1927. It was founded to distinguish services that encouraged the cause of education and the progress of the country. In 1929, the Order was split into two distinct orders, the Order of Public Instruction and the Order of Benevolence (later the Order of Merit); the Order of Public Instruction retained the original insignia.

Currently, the grades are Grand Cross (GCIP), Grand Officer (GOIP), Commander (ComIP), Officer (OIP), Medal (MIP), and Honorary Member (MHIP), that are conferred upon individuals in recognition of meritorious contributions to education or teaching in the country.

The ribbon is of golden yellow silk.

The Medal is worn by men on a ribbon with a clasp and by women on a bow.


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    Silver gilt

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    Frederico Da Costa, Lisbon

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