Battles of Peracamps Medal, Gold Medal


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$2000 USD

  • Gold Medal Obverse
  • Gold Medal Obverse
  • Gold Medal Obverse
  • Gold Medal Reverse
  • Gold Medal Reverse
  • Gold Medal Reverse

Estimated market value:

$2000 USD


  • Country
  • Composition
  • Inscription
    Obv: BATALLAS DE PERACAMPS Rev: Y 2 24 Y 28 DE ABRIL DE 1840
  • Size
    28.5x42.5mm (including ball suspension)
  • Version Remarks
    This version weighs 11 grams.

Physical Description and Item Details

An 1840 Gold Spanish Battle of Peracamps Medal; Officer's Version - Multi-piece construction, Gold and enamels, weighing 11 grams inclusive of its ribbon, obverse illustrating a trophy of arms with an overlaying oval shield in blue inscribed "BATALLAS DE PERACAMPS" (Battle of Peracamps) in the centre, inside an open-ended wreath with oak leaves on the left and laurel leaves on the right, blue ribbon bows at the top and bottom of the wreath, white enamelled background, reverse with a raised centrepiece, the cypher of Queen Isabella II in the centre with springs of laurel leaves above and inscribed with the dates of the battle "24 Y 28 ABRIL 1840" (April 24-28, 1840) below, 28.5 mm x 42.5 mm inclusive of its ball suspension, on a period red ribbon, crazing in the white enamelled background, otherwise, all enamels intact, extremely fine


The Peracamps Battles Medal was instituted by Royal Decree on June 11, 1840. It was awarded in recognition of the heroic value displayed by the troops that participated in the Peracamps Battles against Carlists forces between April 24 and 28, 1840.

The Medal was authorized with two grades. The Gold Medal was conferred upon Generals and Officers, while the Bronze Medal was awarded to enlisted men.

The Medal features an obverse inscription that translates "Battles of Peracapms," and a reverse inscription that translates to "April 24-28, 1840."


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