Military Order of Maria Cristina, II Class Cross Breast Star (1890-1918/1925-1931)


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  • II Class Cross Breast Star (1890-1918/1925-1931) Obverse
  • II Class Cross Breast Star (1890-1918/1925-1931) Obverse
  • II Class Cross Breast Star (1890-1918/1925-1931) Reverse
  • II Class Cross Breast Star (1890-1918/1925-1931) Reverse
  • II Class Cross Breast Star (1890-1918/1925-1931) Details

Estimated market value:

$1600+ USD


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    Silver/Patinated silver/Gold/Enamelled
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The Military Order of Maria Cristina (Orden Militar de Maria Cristina) was established by Queen Regent Maria Cristina on January 30, 1890. It was awarded to members of the Spanish Army Force in recognition of great and heroic deeds, and meritorious acts within dangerous military campaigns.

The Order consisted of III Class Breast Star, II Class Breast Star, and I Class Grand Cross. The III Class Grand Cross was conferred only upon Generals, and their assimilated. In 1925, the Silver Cross was added to reward troops and enlisted men.

The Order was abolished in 1918, and restored in 1925. The insignia was modified in 1931 by the Second Spanish Republic. It was finally suppressed in 1937, and replaced by the War Cross.

The Order features a clasp with the name and date of the campaign on the 12 o'clock arm; if the Order was awarded more than once to the same person, more clasps were added on the cross's arms.

The Order features an obverse inscription that translates to "To Merit in Campaign."

There are known several variation in the size and composition of the awards. The crown on the top 12 o'clock arm may be either royal crown or mural crown.

The 2nd Class Breast Star features a silver-coloured plaque and cross, and a gold-coloured wreath. The cross arm decorations (the Fleurs-de-Lys or lions and a castle) are gold-coloured. It is awarded to Chiefs.

The clasps add to the 2nd Class Breast Star are made of gold.


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