Order of Civil Merit, Commander Case of Issue

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The Order of Civil Merit (Orden del Mérito Civil) was established by King Alfonso XII/Alphonso XII on June 25, 1926. It was abolished by the Second Spanish Republic in 1933, but reinstated by General Francisco Franco in 1942.

It is conferred upon those either Spanish or foreign citizens who has displayed civil virtue and meritorious actions that served to the interests of Spanish culture.

The original grades were Grand Cross, Commander by Number, Knight and Silver Cross. The Collar was added in 1957, and the Officer in 1942. All grades added versions for women during the 1998 regulations, with slightly smaller size than the versions awarded to men.

The first design of the badge (1926-1933) featured a Royal Crown crown on the top of the center medallion, and flames between the blue Saltire Cross and the eight-armed-cross. However, the second design (1942-1975) featured a similar model but featuring Imperial crown and missing the flames.

The obverse inscription translates to “To Civil Merit.”

The Commander consists of a neck badge similar to the Grand Cross.


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