Order of the Proscribed Legitimacy, Grand Cross Breast Star


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The Order of the Proscribed Legitimacy (Orden de la Legitimidad Proscrita) was authorized by Jaime III, inheritor of the Carlist branch in Spain, on April 16, 1923. It was founded in honor of the Carlist supporters who were persecuted in Spain at the beginning of twentieth century.

The Order was awarded to Spanish and foreign citizens in recognition of meritorious actions, and loyal services rendered to the Carlist's cause. It was also awarded to those who had suffered significant losses in the persecution.

It was awarded mainly to the veterans of the Carlist Wars.

The grades of the Order were Grand Collar, Grand Cross, Commander bu Number, Commander, Knight, and Silver Medal.

The Order is currently active in Spain, but it split into two different branches. It is conferred exclusively upon Carlist's inheritors.

This Order is the highest decoration within the ideological and cultural Carlist's heritage.

The Order has no motto.

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