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    The image of the Collar Breast Star is attributed to Robert Prummel at Wikipedia and is used in the public domain. See the following page for more information: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:L%27ordre_de_la_R%C3%A9publique_d%27Espagne_Grootofficier_1932_1939_2.jpg


The Order of the Spanish Republic (Orden de la República Española) was instituted by the government of the Second Spanish Republic in 1932. It was awarded to either foreign or Spanish citizens, and military personnel, who served and benefited the cause of the Second Republic in Spain.

The grades were Collar, Grand Cross, Commander, Officer, Knight, Silver Medal, Bronze Medal, and the Collective Distinction.

The Order was abolished after the end of the Civil War by Francisco Franco, and it was replaced by the Laureate Plaque of Madrid.

In Order of precedence, this Order was the second highest decoration in Spain during the Second Republic government, after the Order of Isabella the Catholic.

The Order was dissolved together with the Second Spanish Republic in 1976.

The Grand Master of the Order was the President of Spain.

The Collar consisting of the Collar, Breast star, and sash badge. The Collar Breast Star has the same attributes as the Grand Cross Breast Star, but it is composed all of gold.

There is known only one version of the Collar; this was awarded to Albert Lebrun, President of France in 1932. This version belongs to the Museum of the Légion d'Honneur in Paris.

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