I Class Commander Ribbon (1975-)


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This Order was founded by King Frederick I on April 28, 1748. Apart from the Order of the Seraphim, it is the only other Order currently conferred in Sweden.

From 1748 to 1975, the Order was conferred upon Swedish citizens and foreigners for achievements in the fields of science, art, and literature, as well for meritorious service to the state. Since 1975 it has been conferred exclusively upon members of the Swedish Royal Family and foreigners. It is most often conferred upon junior foreign royals and holders of foreign offices.

Prior to 1975, the Order was worn on a black ribbon, but since 1975, the Order has been worn on a blue ribbon with yellow edges.

The I Class Commander is identical to the II Class Commander, however only the I Class Commander is worn with a breast star.

The obverse and reverse medallions bear the motto of the Order, which translates to “It knows no descent.”

There have been many different manufacturers of this Order, and as a result, there are multiple versions which vary in size, composition, and design.


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