Bravery Medal "DER TAPFERKEIT", Type IX, I Class Silver Medal


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  • Type IX, I Class Silver Medal Obverse
  • Type IX, I Class Silver Medal Obverse
  • Type IX, I Class Silver Medal Reverse

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$90 USD


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    Austria (Imperial)
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    This medal is stamped "KAUTSCH".


This medal was awarded to Non-Commissioned Officers and enlisted men to recognize acts of merit and courage in battle. It was meant to be the equivalent of the Military Order of Maria Theresia for military personnel below the rank of Officer.

The official versions of the Bravery Medals feature an oval suspension, which is also known as a "Stielhenkelose" suspension.

The Type IX medals were conferred to reward service in World War I, and the medal dies were designed by Professor Heinrich Kautsch. The medals were stuck at the General Mint in Vienna and the Royal Hungarian Mint at Kremnitz.

Medals from the Vienna Mint have the stamp “hma UNECHT”, while medals from Hungary Mint have the stamp “KB, NEMVALODI”.

Due to the scarcity of pure metals during World War I there are gold and silver medals that were issued in gilt and silvered bronze. These medals were meant to be replaced the pure materials after the war, and they feature a stamp on the edge reading “BRONZE”.

On September 15, 1917 the Emperor amended the medal statutes to allow Officers to receive the I Class Gold Medal and I Class Silver Medal. The medals awarded to Officers have an embroidered or gilt “K” device on the ribbon.

The ribbon may also have silver clasps. The number of clasps on the ribbon indicates the number of times the recipient had been awarded the Bravery Medal, wherein one clasp equals two awards, two clasps equals three awards, and three clasps equals’ four awards.

On February 14, 1915 Emperor Franz Joseph I added a Bronze Medal grade. The Bronze Medal was conferred upon Non-Commissioned Officers and enlisted men within the ranks of Austria's wartime allies.


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