Commemorative Cross 1848-1908, Civil Division, Medal (Court Personnel)


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  • Civil Division, Medal (Court Personnel) Obverse
  • Civil Division, Medal (Court Personnel) Obverse
  • Civil Division, Medal (Court Personnel) Reverse

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$20 USD


  • Country
    Austria (Imperial)
  • Composition
    Bronze gilt
  • Inscription
    Obv: FRANC IOS I Rev: 1848-1908
  • Size


This medal was instituted by Emperor Franz Joseph I to commemorate the 60th anniversary of his reign, and to reward the faithful service of Army and Navy personnel over a period of 60 years.

Subsequently, the medal was originally awarded to all military personnel who were in active service on December 2, 1908, who had been a member of the armed forces since December 2, 1848, or who were actively serving on December 2, 1848, and had served a minimum of 2 years in the armed forces.

The medal was amended by the Emperor on December 31, 1914, allowing all non-active Officers in the armed forces to receive the medal, provided they were actively serving during World War I.

The civil version of the medal was added by the Emperor on August 14, 1908. The civil medal was conferred upon all individuals, without consideration of gender or rank, who were actively working as a civil or public servant on December 2, 1908.

It was also awarded to individuals that had 10 years of uninterrupted civil service, but were not actively serving in a public or civil role on December 2, 1908. Similarly, it was conferred upon the employees of state-run businesses who had worked for a minimum of 3 years and were over the age of 30.

The court personnel version of the medal was founded by the Emperor on September 20, 1908. It was awarded to ministers, members of the supreme and higher court, Officers of the guard, and servants who had been on active duty on December 2, 1908.

Thus this medal was awarded to military personnel, civil personnel, and court personnel, with the only difference between the medals being the colour of the associated ribbon.

Medals awarded to civil personnel have a red ribbon.

Medals awarded to military personnel have a white ribbon with stripes of red and white along either exterior edge.

Medals awarded to court personnel have a red ribbon with white stripes along either exterior edge.

The obverse features the signature of the royal court medalist "R.MARSCHALL".


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