War Cross for Civil Merit, III Class Cross (Case of Issue)

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  • III Class Cross (Case of Issue)

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$50 USD


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    Austria (Imperial)


The War Cross for Civil Merit was instituted on February 8, 1916 by Emperor Franz Joseph I. It was awarded to recognize the outstanding zeal and sacrifice of civilians within war effort services during World War I. The decoration was designed by artist Josef Hoffmann.

It was also conferred upon members of the military that were not directly involved in the battles. Most often for achievements in administration, charitable work, finance or the wartime economy.

The decoration is awarded in four classes, to account for the importance of achievement and social standing of the awardee. It was worn on the left breast, as it was too difficult to come up with a ribbon that pleased both the Austrian and Hungarian empire.

The obverse inscription translates to "Civil Merit in Time of War 1915".

The III Class is completely silver with white enamel arms. It was manufactured by all Austrian makers of the time.


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