Order of the Golden Fleece, Collar


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$120,000+ USD

  • Collar Obverse
  • Collar Obverse

Estimated market value:

$120,000+ USD


  • Country
    Austria (Imperial)
  • Composition
  • Version Remarks
    Value depends on the period and quality of manufacture, size, provenance.
  • Image Licensing
    The image of the Collar is attributed to Gryffindor and Wikipedia at https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Weltliche_Schatzkammer_Wien_(216)b.JPG through the release of the work into the public domain by the source.


This Order was founded by the Duke of Austria, Philip III the Good, in commemoration of his marriage to Isabella of Portugal.

The Knights of the Order were responsible for defending the Roman Catholic religion, upholding chivalry, and aiding the Sovereign during war.

The Knights were appointed by the Sovereign Head of the Order. While there was no limit to the number of permitted Knights, membership was restricted to aristocratic Catholic gentlemen.

This Order was considered one of the most prestigious European Orders.

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