I Class Cross (for Bravery) Ribbon


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  • I Class Cross (for Bravery) Ribbon


The Civic Decoration was established by Royal Decree on July 21, 1867. It replaced the Medal for Epidemics, the Medal of Honour for Acts of Devotion in Mining Accidents, and the Medal for Acts of Courage, Devotion, and Humanity . It is awarded to civil servants for a minimum of 25 years of faithful service. Different grades are conferred in accordance with the recipient's professional position.

Additionally, the Decoration is awarded to Belgian citizens, and foreigners living in Belgium, for acts of bravery and devotion. When awarded under these circumstances, there is no opportunity for later promotion. However, in 1925, a bilingual ‘COURAGE-MOED” clasp was created for those who received the award more than once. It is also awarded to firefighters for 25 years of faithful service, and from 1902-1914, it was awarded to firefighters and members of the Civic Guard for acts of bravery.

After 10 years, recipients of the I Class Medal become eligible to receive the I Class Cross, recipients of the II Class Medal become eligible to receive the II Class Cross, and recipients of the III Class Medal become eligible for the I or II Class Medal depending on the importance of their service. Each type of service is denoted by a different ribbon pattern.

See Civic Decoration (1914-1918) and Civic Decoration (1940-1945) in the Medals & Decorations of Belgium for the decorations that were awarded for actions and service during the First and Second World War.


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