Commemorative Medal for the Reign of Leopold II (with "1865-1905")


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  • Medal (with "1865-1905") Obverse
  • Medal (with "1865-1905") Reverse

Estimated market value:

$20-50 USD


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  • Composition
    Bronze gilt
  • Inscription
    Rev: 1865-1905
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    The images of the Commemorative Medal for the Reign of Leopold II are attributed to Medal-Medaille. For more information see the following page:


The Commemorative Medal for the Reign of Leopold II was established by Royal Decree on July 21, 1905. It was issued in commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of King Leopold II's reign. It was not awarded after 1960.

Initially, the Medal was awarded to civil servants who also met the requirements of the Civic Decoration in recognition of at least 25 years of long and faithful service. This version has the reverse inscription “1865-1905.” In 1951, the Medal was reissued to military veterans for service between 1865 and 1909, and in 1952, it was revised again to recognise veterans of the Congo Free State Police Force for at least 1 year of service between 1885 and 1909. In 1959 the 1-year service requirement was removed.


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